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Drop and Lock Sweet Tweet: Stacked Wilds for the Win

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Written by Joshua

I recently wrote about the new Drop and Lock game Deep Sea Magic, which married classic Lock it Link game traits with a new Drop and Lock bonus. A sister game, Sweet Tweet, came out around the same time, taking different approaches to a number of things.

The differences between these games show that Drop and Lock, like Lock it Link before it, won’t be monolithic in its approach to how it handles various aspects of the games in the line.

The first is how the Drop and Lock bonus is triggered. Where Deep Sea Magic used the three across approach of the earliest Lock it Link games, Sweet Tweet uses the more traditional collect six symbols approach of many link games.

However, like Deep Sea Magic the symbols (in this case, eggs) collected can be with numbers or without; either way as long as you get six you’ll get that bonus.

Drop and Lock Sweet Tweet bonus win

The Drop and Lock bonus then proceeds exactly like Deep Sea Magic – you get three spins to collect more eggs, which drop to the lowest position in the reel they can occupy.

Fill a row to clear it Tetris style, with prizes on that row collected towards your final bonus prize, and the remaining eggs then shift down. Completing 2 or 3 rows at one time will multiply credits or the Mini/Minor by 2x or 3x, respectively.

If you complete three spins without filling a row, the bonus ends, and your prize is tallied, unlike Deep Sea Magic which tallies as you go.

The free spins triggers similarly to Deep Sea Magic where you need a minimum of three bonus symbols, one each on reels 2, 3 and 4, to get the bonus. You can get more than one in a given reel. In this case, more symbols mean more spins.

Drop and Lock Sweet Tweet four wild reels

The free spins bonus takes the full wild reel and nudges it full when landed during the bonus round, which is where the payouts can grow quickly and where most of the money can be found. There are not any multipliers on this version. You can get a bonus in a bonus situation as the eggs are still present.

In this way the two games offer enough of a different experience that players who favor one style of bonus over another can find what they are looking for. Both games can be tough, but also have rewarding bonuses for those who land them.

Watch and Learn

Here is a video from Diana Evoni on the game, which features a massive win:

And here’s a video from Slot Queen featuring both bonuses:

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