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Know Your Slots Featured on American Casino Guide Book YouTube Channel

American Casino Guide and Las Vegas Advisor are the two main options for offering casino coupons.
Written by Joshua

The American Casino Guide book is something I’ve talked about on the site many times, and I’m a big fan of the work Steve Bourie and his son Matt do to keep gamblers informed, offer good recommendations to making the most out of their casino visits, and bust casino myths along the way.

While the namesame book has been discontinued, they continue to develop great content for players, especially on their YouTube channel, with a lot of it being educational in nature to help players become savvier – a mission after my heart.

So it was a great thrill when I recently heard from Steve inviting me to join them for a conversation on their YouTube channel.

The primary theme of the conversation was about casino comps, which is always a popular topic for players, and how to maximize your opportunity with them.

But we packed a lot of topics into a half hour conversation, which included:

It was a fun conversation, and I hope the information proves valuable to all of you! With any luck, we’ll get to chat about other topics in the future. What tends to be fun with conversations like these is we’ve all got experiences and ideas to share, so it tends to bring some great

If you have topics you’d love to see covered, please feel free to post your questions and ideas in the comments!

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My name is Joshua, and I’m a slot enthusiast who works in tech as a marketer by day, and dabbles in casinos periodically during off-times. Know Your Slots will reflect my interests in understanding the various ways you can play slots, travel, casino promotions and how you can get the most out of your casino visits.

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