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Low Rolling in High Limit Chat with American Casino Guide

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Written by Joshua

On a previous visit with the American Casino Guide Book team, we spoke about great value bet games for players betting $1-$2 a spin. The topic was popular and so we’ve been working on some follow-up content around the topic.

One that I’ve written about in the past, but also lent well to covering in this arena, was low rolling in high limit.

Many of us can’t afford to play a high limit game that often ourselves, but know people who can. And if you do follow them into the high limit room, it can be tempting to want to play, but obviously budgets can make that a challenge.

That doesn’t mean there’s no options for players with smaller budgets – looking for specific sorts of games can yield some finds that are surprising in the high limit room – being able to bet at a lower amount without sacrificing much, if at all!

Examples of what you can find include:

  • Games where betting less credits don’t carry much, if any, penalty on single reel games
  • Games like Dancing Drums where a single gold symbol at minimum bet costs just 80 cents on the higher limit dime denomination version
  • Ability to select less lines to bring the bet down, for example Ainsworth Multi-Win 7 machines (with multiple game options) with 5 lines 25 cent denomination offering a $1.25 minimum bet

Another perk to playing in high limit is higher denomination machines tend to have a better overall payback percentage than the penny denomination machines on the main casino floor, so not only can you find games with accessible bets in the high limit room, you can also over time see better payback opportunities!

It’s always fun to talk with them, and we’ll have another lower limit conversation coming up with them to continue to expand on the theme, but with even lower bet opportunities, since many were asking about them!

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