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Lower Bets, No Problem: Five Slot Machine Suggestions

Quick Spin by Ainsworth 11 bonus symbols
Written by Joshua

Previously on the site I wrote up an article talking about slot machines I feel were a good “value bet” in that for a lower bet you can get a lot of mileage. For many of us, the casino visit is designed to be a few hours of entertainment, so it helps to have games where you can strike that perfect balance and get some good play.

I recently did my second video with the American Casino Guide Book team where we fleshed out that topic further, discussing five specific game or game series I recommend checking out that can give a better in the range of about $1-$2 a spin (which is what we targeted for this conversation) a good value for their play. The games we talked about are:

And I offered a bonus suggestion around mechanical reel slots in general, especially the old school ones that still remain on many a casino floor.

All of these games have been good budget stretchers for me, as many of them either balance the bet and potential outcomes well, are lower volatility machines, or are a combination of both.

As it happens, I met Steve Bourie in February down in Florida prior to my cruise. I was able to introduce him in person to Quick Spin at a casino we visited together during our meet-up, so it was a good chance to circle back around to the game as part of our conversation. We also had say down at the Quick Hit mechanical reel machines during our casino walkthrough, and so it worked out well to talk about it together as a group on our conversation.

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