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Low Rolling in High Limit, Revisited: Finding the Right Games

Cash Machine by Everi 105 credit win
Written by Joshua

In a previous article on the site I talked about ways you can accomplish low rolling in high limit. In this article, I wanted to share a few examples of what may work well for those purposes, and examples of what would not be a good choice.

Games Without Penalties

Double Diamond Deluxe by IGT top pays

The best option is games that don’t require max wagers and don’t penalize you for a non-max bet. An example of one I found is shown above; this Double Diamond Deluxe machine doesn’t have any additional bonus for three-credit wagers proportionally over the one-credit wager.

Normally, games of this type would have a modest 100 credit additional bonus on that third credit for a total prize of 2,500, so if anything this would be a bad bet for max bet players of the game. But for single credit players, there’s no downside for the single credit wager.

Games with a Minimal Difference

Double Diamond by IGT pay table

Here’s a Double Diamond with the traditional bonus for a third coin. But that addition is on the top payout only, and only 100 credits, a roughly 4% bonus on that one particular line-up. You won’t really feel it if you make that top double-double-double line-up happen.

In both of these games’ cases, playing one credit isn’t going to hurt you. I’ve played both at a $1 denomination, so you’re just playing $1 a spin in that scenario. Of course, you can’t handpay in that scenario, but an 800x top prize can be nice still.

Triple Double Diamond by IGT pay table

As the number of prizes, and amount of the prizes, diverge, it gets tougher. Here’s a Triple Double Diamond pay table example. Only the two top prizes are amplified, and it’s the rarer triple-triple-triple that increases faster – 4x the top prize for 3x the bet.

Of course, you actually have to land one of those top prizes to see a difference, and most won’t in a single session. So you just have to decide if you’re comfortable playing a slightly lower payout percentage to stick to one credit per spin.

Games Where More Coins Unlock More Prizes

When you begin to venture into games where more coins unlock more prizes, you usually are vastly better off betting max coins. These are the ones you should try to avoid.

Bonus Times unlocks the higher multipliers with the additional coins, and also the pays that go with them. Get a line hit with a multiplier that isn’t activated, and it’s no longer a line hit.

Blazing 7s by Bally pay table

You need to bet two credits to get access to all the payouts on Blazing 7s; a third credit for the most part doubles the payouts of the second credit, so you could potentially get away with two credits if you’re OK giving away the progressive meter.

As you can see, it tends to be pretty easy to identify games in the high limit room and what you’re giving up by betting less credits. But it can make a lot of games more accessible if you’re playing with friends in the room who have a larger budget.

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