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Zeus 1000: Popular Theme Meets Colossal Reels

Zeus 1000 by WMS logo
Written by Joshua

I have rarely seen this game over the years, but can’t help but sit down and play Zeus 1000 when I see it in the casino. It’s a rare cross between the classic Zeus theme and the Colossal Reels series.

This game was part of a second wave of Colossal Reels games that came out as part of the games on the somewhat rare Blade cabinet, and I’ve seen it in Las Vegas but not much else. But during my recent visit to Rocky Gap Casino, I saw the game once more.

Zeus 1000 by WMS bet panel

Fans of the Colossal Reels series will find many of the hallmarks here. For instance, you get 100 lines for a 50 credit bet. This is generally a sign of a lower volatility game since your wins are spread among more lines. There’s also stacked symbols, particularly on the Colossal Reels set where 4-6 symbols are often stacked together, so when things line up it lines up on a lot of lines.

They had two of the games on the floor; one had a choice of how many lines you want to play, as seen on the bet panel above; the other only allowed a 100 line bet.

Zeus 1000 by WMS wild reel

Another hallmark of the series is when a full reel of wild symbols appears on the Main Set of reels on the left, they are cloned to the respective reels on the Colossal Set of reels.

Zeus 1000 by WMS bonus triggered

The bonus round is a bit unique for the Zeus series and the Colossal Reels series, which makes it fun. The number of free spins you get is based on the number of bonus symbols you get. The lightning/hand bonus symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 of both reel sets, so you can get up to 6:

  • 3 bonus symbols: 10 free spins and 2x your total bet
  • 4 bonus symbols: 15 free spins and 10x your total bet
  • 5 bonus symbols: 20 free spins and 20x your total bet
  • 6 bonus symbols: 30 free spins and 25x your total bet
Zeus 1000 by WMS 800 Zeus heads added

If on any of the bonus spins, you get a full reel of Zeus on reel 1 of the main set, anywhere from 400 to 1,000 Zeus heads will be added to the remaining reels, improving the chances of a Zeus line hit. This vaguely reminds me of the Great Zeus bonus round, but unlike that bonus, each spin resets.

Overall the game is fun, and has potential, but also isn’t particularly tough. For those who are fans of the Zeus games, it’s worth a try if you find one, given its overall rarity.

Watch and Learn

Here’s a video from RandomSlots with the pay table and a bonus:

And here’s a short video from TheBigPayback:

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