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Lucky Ox: Fortune Gong Sequel of Sorts Tweaks Game Model

Lucky Ox by IGT logo and jackpots
Written by Joshua

IGT has taken a popular game, Fortune Gong, given it some updates, and with it introduced Lucky Ox, a game that moves things forward incrementally in a number of ways.

Lucky Ox by IGT bet panel

The game has a nice 50 credit bet increment setup, which is quite nice given the bet creep happening across the casino floor. You get 20 paylines on the base game, which is the trade-off. Fortune Gong was an all ways pays game, so you do lose that aspect.

The game features a ribbon of wilds with a Lucky Ox symbol in the middle. On a spin where the stack of wilds appear, the wilds can nudge, potentially bringing the Lucky Ox symbol into the reel set. If it does, you win whatever prize is at the top of that reel.

On Fortune Gong, it would offer reels 2, 3 and 4 prizes during the base game, unlocking all five during the bonus; Lucky Ox dispenses with those restrictions and offers it on all five reels.

The game features stacked symbols, which can help the line hits materialize, but also of course can get in the way of them materializing. Like many standard IGT games, this didn’t feel particularly volatile, but was designed to be a little tough so some medium sized hits can come out.

Lucky Ox by IGT reel set

There’s a variety of prizes that can be won on those spaces above the reels. Of course there’s the credit prizes, but there’s also the jackpot wheel, as well as free games.

Lucky Ox by IGT jackpot wheel credit prize respin

With the jackpot wheel you’re guaranteed a jackpot, but you might hit a credit prize and respin one or multiple times before doing so, which serves to helpfully push up the size of your win.

Lucky Ox by IGT jackpot wheel minor jackpot awarded

The bonus ends when a jackpot is awarded, so you almost hope for the respins to keep up as long as they can to add to your overall total.

Free Games will get you 10 free games, with the same Lucky Ox ribbons in play with the chance to retrigger, or get the credit prizes or jackpot wheel.

All in all, it’s a pretty straightforward game, affordable for even lower bettors but with some decent potential.

Watch and Learn

Albert’s Slot Channel plays Lucky Ox starting at 3:04 in this video:

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