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Maximizing Your Match Play Opportunities in Downtown Las Vegas (Fremont St.)

Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas Nevada
Written by Joshua

UPDATED 12/12/2022 with American Casino Guide Book coupon for Downtown Grand.

One of the things that makes downtown Las Vegas special is that the casinos are close together. That also means the competition’s a bit more direct as it’s easier to get around.

One of the side effects of this is that you are able to take advantage of more promotions downtown than you can on the strip, which is great for gamblers seeking a bit more value.

This post will cover the core ways you can maximize your match play opportunities – these are wagers that can be placed on even money wagers, usually Blackjack but sometimes other games like the pass line on craps or outside bets like red/black or odd/even on Roulette.

You’ll need two things for this: Your airline boarding pass, and a copy of the Las Vegas Advisor Member Rewards Book. For the latter, all coupons can be redeemed once per year.

El Cortez

Let’s start at one end with El Cortez. Here, it’s your boarding pass you’ll want to break out as their offer comes in three parts:

  • $25 match play for blackjack
  • $10-$1000 free slot play, based on a wheel spin on the kiosk
  • A free drink at any bar

So you actually get a bit more than just the basic match play. Any boarding pass can be shown – unlike some of the promos we’ll talk about ahead, there isn’t a specific airline you have to present.

Downtown Grand

The Downtown Grand is the first stop where you’ll need your Las Vegas Advisor book. Inside the book is a voucher for a match play of between $5 and $50 – you get to decide!

Maximizing the offer means taking a bigger swing and going or the full $50 offer, since you’ll get paid $100 if you win. I’ve played this one on both craps and Blackjack over the years.

As of December 2022, the American Casino Guide Book website (which is still operational despite the book being discontinued), as well as the iOS and Android apps, now offer a match play coupon, also up to $50 in value! The coupon is set to expire June 30, 2023.

When I stayed at Downtown Grand last year, attached to the welcome letter was a set of coupons, which included another match play opportunity with that same up to $50 value. So if you’re staying there and they give you the coupons, you could get two tries at this.

The D

There’s a few opportunities for match plays at The D! I’ve used these at Blackjack and Craps.

The first is a Las Vegas Advisor voucher which has a $25 match play coupon. It’s a straightforward bring the coupon to The One Card desk and redeem.

The second is a boarding pass opportunity for those who traveled on Southwest or Spirit. You need to show your boarding pass within 24 hours of arrival to qualify for this match play offer, good for two $25 match play chips.

Finally, for the remainder of 2022 if you mention “Say Hi to Matthew,” who has a YouTube channel, you’ll qualify for a $25 match play chip as well.

Golden Gate

Golden Gate has the same ownership as The D, and has some similar opportunities accordingly, but it differs a bit.

The Las Vegas Advisor offer is the same – $25 match play chip when you redeem your voucher. There’s an additional Blackjack coupon in the book for Golden Gate, so it may be helpful to play both at a Blackjack table concurrently, although that’s certainly not required.

You can also get $50 in match play for showing your boarding pass. However, at Golden Gate it must be an Allegiant boarding pass, and it too has to be within 24 hours of landing in Las Vegas.


Plaza is another great opportunity for Las Vegas Advisor rewards book. There’s a $25 match play voucher in the book, offering one last chance downtown to make something happen at the tables with a little bit of help!

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