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Money Charge Boosted by AGS: Interesting Variation on the Hold and Respin Model

Money Charge Boosted by AGS logo and jackpots
Written by Joshua

Some AGS games continue to thrive on casino floors, like Rakin’ Bacon and Eastern Dragon. Others seem to come and go with speed, like Cash Jolt. On the one hand, it’s nice to see new games flowing regularly, but on the other hand it means it’s hard to have them become regular favorites when they’re gone between casino trips.

I found another new AGS at one of my home casinos on a recent trip, Money Charge Boosted. The game features a Wild Multiplier Free Spins and the Money Charge Boosted Bonus, a hold and respin feature.

Landing three bonus symbols gives you a predetermined picking feature that either reveals the Wild Multiplier Free Spins or the Money Charge Boosted Bonus.

The Wild Multiplier Free Spins starts with two reels spinning, one that corresponds to the number of free games you’ll be awarded, and the other that corresponds to the multiplier you’ll get when a wild is incorporated into a line hit. You can get 6, 9, 12 or 15 games, and x2, x3, x5 or x8, so the best outcome is 15 games with a x8 wild multiplier. You do have the ability to get more than one wild in a single spin, so there’s always the chance of a bigger multiplier by that happening.

Money Charge Boosted by AGS money charge boosted bonus outcome

The Money Charge Boosted Bonus features a bit of a unique aspect in that if a boost orb appears, it boosts all prizes horizontally and vertically from the space it’s in. That orb also resets the remaining spins to 3, even though it doesn’t stick around in its space afterwards, so you can get multiple boosts and have more chances to land numbers.

The Mini and Minor are flat jackpots, which like Lightning Link seem to simply replace a number on the reels vs. have any specific meaning, so it’s not something to get excited about (other than you’re winning money of course).

I got a number of features during my session, and doubled up pretty quickly. Like many other AGS games there’s some volatility involved, but if it swings your way it can pay, and it didn’t feel crazy hard to get a bonus; players on either side of me got a good number of them as well.

One final note: Like many game series there’s two themes, but from what I saw they were either identical or near identical, especially with the Money Charge Boosted Bonus.

Money Charge Boosted Slot Videos

Sonny California featured the game in this video, which has a good collection of free spins and the boosted bonuses:

KURI Slot featured the game as part of the Max 30 series, which is 30 spins taken at the game’s max bet:

Nicks Slot Farm had a session on the game as well:

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