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All About the Buffalo Slot Machine Series

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Written by Joshua

Buffalo is one of the most venerable and popular slot machine series on the casino floor. Since the original game hit the casino floor, a variety of sequels and brand extensions have followed, all with some basics remaining the same throughout the series.

This post is a roll-up of the various Buffalo topics I’ve written about over the years, broken into game write-ups, deep-dive questions and Slot Moments. Even with all the content that follows, there are Buffalo games I’ve yet to write about, although I’m sure I will at some point.

Games in the Buffalo Series

Let’s start by looking at the games I’ve written up as part of the Buffalo slot machine series.


Buffalo line hit

Even over a decade old, the original still holds up remarkably well, which explains why the game is still found on casino floors across the country. This is the starting point and basis for the various brand extensions and sequels that would follow, but on its own, Buffalo remains a fun game.

Cash Express Gold Class Buffalo

Cash Express Gold Class Buffalo by Aristocrat logo

Moreso a feature add-on than an outright sequel, Cash Express Gold Class Buffalo was one example of a feature and a game that would become more intertwined with time, as the Cash Express Luxury Line series would provide.

Buffalo Gold

Buffalo Gold by Aristocrat 9x multiplier $27 a line x8

Out of all the Buffalo games that have come around over the years, Buffalo Gold is perhaps the perfect sequel, thanks to the specific enhancements this version adds to make the original game even more exciting. It did so well that Buffalo Gold itself has received its own sequels.

Buffalo Gold Revolution

Buffalo Gold Revolution by Aristocrat four symbols changed

If Buffalo Gold is the perfect sequel, Buffalo Gold Revolution is perhaps the perfect sequel’s sequel. It enhances just the right things and adds a bit more to the gameplay, keeping the momentum of this series of games going strong.

Buffalo Gold Max Power

Buffalo Gold Max Power by Aristocrat logo

The latest Buffalo Gold sequel, Buffalo Gold Max Power adds in the twist of variable sized reels, which can change each spin, yielding more or less ways to win. This adds newfound volatility to an already volatile series, and adds a sixth reel for potentially larger pays in the process.

Buffalo Diamond

Buffalo Diamond by Aristocrat

With progressive free games that have an open-ended up side, there’s a huge amount of potential for Buffalo Diamond, but it can also be very punishing.

Buffalo Chief

Buffalo Chief by Aristocrat progressives

Buffalo Chief takes a page from Buffalo Gold’s element of upgrading the reels, but adds more volatility in the process with a bigger reel set and a wheel to determine how many additional white buffalo heads will be added.

Buffalo Link

Buffalo Link by Aristocrat jackpots

This game combines the link mechanic, very popular with Aristocrat itself, with the Buffalo theming and structure, and just to up the volatility even more adds a wild on reel 5 with the chances to now multiply wins by 81 vs. 27. Buffalo Link definitely has potential, but can also be a brutal game when it’s not paying.

Wild Wild Buffalo

Wild Wild Buffalo by Aristocrat logo and top progressive

Wild Wild Buffalo is another example of Aristocrat combining a popular mechanic, the Wild Wild series, with the Buffalo theming and ruleset, and blending in the jackpot wheel element from Buffalo Grand. It’s another toughie, but can be quite the fun ride when it’s in a generous mood.

Deeper Slot Tutorial Dives

Here’s a couple of posts that look a bit deeper into the design of games like those in the Buffalo series.

Can You Get a Full Screen of Buffalo on the Aristocrat Game?

Buffalo line hit

With the diversity of games in the roster, there’s not a completely one-size-fits-all answer, but in the case of many of them, the answer is actually no. Here’s why!

Does Getting 4 or 5 Bonus Symbols Mean a Bad Bonus is Certain to Follow?

Buffalo Gold by Aristocrat four coins

On some games, getting 4 or 5 bonus symbols makes players feel like a bad bonus is going to follow. On the Buffalo games, getting more coins means more spins, and on games like Buffalo Gold, more games can be a critical difference in payouts thanks to the ability to collect more buffalo heads and more retriggers.

Slot Moments on the Buffalo Series

Aristocrat makes all sorts of games that can yield to outlandish wins even on nominal bets, but the Buffalo series has more than its share of epic wins. Here’s examples I’ve highlighted in the Slot Moments series.

Slotaholic Gets 15 Gold Buffalo Heads

The first Buffalo Gold video I highlighted in the Slot Moments series, Slotaholic’s 15 gold buffalo heads was a pretty phenomenal example of what’s possible on the game. It certainly wouldn’t be the last.

Neily 777 Lands the Grand on Buffalo Extreme

Buffalo Extreme is a Class II game, so I have never been able to personally find it and play it, but Neily 777’s grand on the game, which has its ties to other games in the Buffalo series, shows off the unexpected and the awesome in one shot.

250 Buffalo Chief Symbols Leads to a 1000x Jackpot Handpay

If you get 10 upgraded coins on Buffalo Chief, you get all 250 Buffalo Chief symbols added to the reels, which amps up the payback opportunity. This slot moment shows what can happen when you make that possibility a reality.

Buffalo Gold 15 Head Handpay for Under $1

Here’s another 15 gold buffalo head outcome, but this time the wager is under $1, and yet again it’s another knockout outcome.

A Super Win on Wild Wild Buffalo Slot Machine for Neily 777

Neily 777 has always done well on the Wild Wild game series, so it’s not surprising that he had a strong outcome playing Wild Wild Buffalo.

Over 1000x Buffalo Gold Jackpot Handpay on Wonder 4 Tall Fortunes

Various Buffalo games have been integrated into other Aristocrat endeavors as well, such as the Wonder 4 series of games, with four boards present and the ability to select games. Buffalo Gold is on Wonder 4 Tall Fortunes, and this more than 1,000x win is a great example of what’s possible.

Slot Cats See Live Lengthy Run on Buffalo Link Machine

The Buffalo series is one that’s predisposed to lots of retriggers. It’s one of the things that makes the games fun. So The Slot Cats having a lengthy run live on Buffalo Link shows how you can get a lot of play time without having to wager.

Chico Scores 2800x Win on Buffalo Gold

If you needed more evidence as to what was possible with Buffalo Gold, check out Chico’s 2,800x win on the game in this slot moment.

Slot Queen Goes from Wager Saver to the Major on Buffalo Link

Here’s an epic turnaround courtesy of Slot Queen, who went from a wager saver to winning the Major progressive on Buffalo Link.

Buffalo Max Bonus Handpay on $4 Bet

Buffalo Max takes the base Buffalo game and adds on upgrades when players bet higher. All Casino Action’s Sarah took a $4 bet to a handpay as part of a Buffalo Max bonus.

Slot Queen Finally Achieves 15 Heads on Buffalo Gold with Wonder 4

Buffalo Gold and Wonder 4 strike again, this time with Slot Queen, who got 15 gold buffalo heads and an epic win on the Wonder 4 Boost Gold version of the series.

First Handpay Live for Brian Christopher, On a $3 Buffalo Gold Bet

It took Brian Christopher quite awhile to secure his first live handpay during a live stream, and based on the list of slot moments here, I’m sure it’s not surprising to learn it was on Buffalo Gold at a $3 bet.

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