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Montezuma: Multiplier Wheel in Bonus for Big Wins

Montezuma by WMS big line hit
Written by Joshua

Montezuma was released as a game as part of the WMS Blade series, and came out at a transitionary period for the company. The games aren’t particularly easy to find because the machines were not available for too long before Scientific Games bought WMS and switched to new machinery again, and the games have yet to be remade.

Of the Blade games, Montezuma is one of my favorites, given its propensity to have decent line hits even in the base game, and multipliers enhancing the bonus round.

The base game has the ability to provide some solid hits thanks to stacked symbols, wilds on the middle three reels, and the premium symbol paying for a minimum of 2 reels.

As you can see on my screenshot at the top of the article, you can get a solid win just on a line hit, and that was only the second best symbol. With 40 lines, it’s not too difficult to rack up a decent win with the right line-up.

Montezuma by WMS 15 free spins

But the bonus is where the most potential lies. Getting three or more wheel symbols spins the wheel for between 3 and 25 free spins to start.

Montezuma by WMS 25 additional spins

Each free spin a wheel spins above the reels which features a multiplier of between 2 and 10x, which is what your line hits will be multiplied by on that spin. If you catch 2 or more wheels on a bonus spin, you retrigger, respinning the top screen wheel for 3-25 additional free spins, all of which are multiplied by the active multiplier when retriggered.

If you retrigger again while in the spins with that multiplier still active, it will simply add the spins on to that tally. The ability to retrigger with at least two symbols can lead to a very lengthy and successful bonus. Of course, the game can also drop a lot of dead spins, leading to a smaller bonus round prize too.

I have had a good share of wins on this game thanks to its generous five of a kind payouts, good potential in the base game, and multipliers in the free spins. I will usually give it some play whenever I see it.

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