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Mr. Hyde’s Wild Ride: Fun Old WMS Game with Great Sticky Wilds Bonus Potential

Mr. Hyde's Wild Ride 14 spin trigger
Written by Joshua

Mr. Hyde’s Wild Ride is an interesting game in a few aspects. It borrows thematically and structurally from other WMS games. For instance, the bonus trigger works a bit like Bier Haus, and it has a respin and sticky wild aspect like Hercules.

But it stands on its own as a fun game, and is a fun, but rare, one to find in today’s casinos.

The game features stacked symbols of some of the premium symbols amongst its reels, which can lead to some good payouts when they line up; you can also win with 2 symbols on the top symbol, which helps keep things going.

The bonus is triggered when 5 or more flasks are landed starting with the left most reel. Like Bier Haus, you can get up to four in a reel, so if you get 4 in the first and 1 in the second, that works fine. If you get at least four, a respin occurs to try to close the deal on a bonus.

The more flasks you land on the bonus, the more initial spins you get. You get 5 free spins for 5 flasks, and then 3 spins for each additional flask that line up as part of the initial trigger. If there are flasks that appear but have a gap between the reels of flasks, they won’t count, just like on Bier Haus with the Heidi symbols.

Mr Hyde's Wild Ride by WMS 100x bonus

During the free spins, each time a flask lands, it adds one free spin, and the flask turns sticky wild for the remainder of the bonus.

Of course, getting a lot of flasks is the general goal, as not only do the pays slowly get stronger as more flasks lock into place, but you get those additional spins. But getting five-of-a-kind wilds or stacked symbols lining up can certainly make a dent as well.

The game’s got quite a bit of potential, and while it can sometimes be on the tough side, it’s got a lot going for it.

Watch and Learn

Here’s a video from RandomSlots on the game, which features a bonus:

VegasLowRoller had a more than 600x bonus on a 40 cent bet on the game with 12 flasks landing to trigger the bonus:

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