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POP! Slots Offers a Unique Community Format, and Great Comps Too

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Written by Joshua

Our mobile app deep dives continue with a look at POP! Slots today, another in the MyVEGAS family of apps. Pop Slots offers a few unique twists not seen in most of the mobile apps, which gives it some additional ways to pull in those fatigued by standard slot apps. The care and thought into how this can be different is quite remarkable, and makes for something a bit special.

We won’t get too repetitive as we’ve covered the comps aspect of things in the past, but like the others you can get some really cool stuff. Check out our MyKONAMI, MyVEGAS Blackjack and the mobile MyVEGAS app reviews for that aspect.

Since the comp earning balance and redemption are linked across all of the apps, most of what’s shared in those reviews apply here too, and playing all the games will help you accrue comps to that common balance faster.

Overview of the App

Pop Slots casino entrance

POP! Slots features a small, but important range of about 40 or so slot games. They’re grouped into nine casinos, each branded after one of the MGM properties in Las Vegas, similar to how they pop up in other games like MyVEGAS. Games and casinos are unlocked as you level up.

Pop Slots casino floor

When you enter each casino, you get a 3D rendering of the casino floor. This rendering emphasizes the social community aspect of the game, and one of its unique and welcome differences. The games have you playing at a bank of machines with other players, and how those players do can impact how you do.

Pop Slots casino games list

If navigating a 3D casino floor is a bit challenging, you can always click the Games button to view the games available in that casino room. The games are not licensed games from real slot manufacturers, but are instead designed specifically for the app. There are a few games that use the MGM branding and a few based on standard theming like Oz or Kong, but for the most part they’re all also unique themes for the app.

Pop Slots balloon

POP! Slots community features include balloons, which appear periodically from you or from one of the other players in your bank. Popping a balloon can earn you XP, game points or Loyalty Points, which are the comp currency of the MyVEGAS games.

Pop Slots community bonus

Bonuses are community driven too, which opportunities to win together. This is a fun and unique aspect to the games, and offers POP! Slots the ability to provide a different experience from the other games.

Earning Chip Bonuses

You can collect chips in the following ways:

  • Hourly Bonus: Earned every few hours.
  • Daily Bonus: Earned the first time you enter the app in a given day.
  • Participating in Events: There’s usually some sort of limited-time event going on, and chips are among the things you can win from them.
  • Balloons: Popping balloons could lead to chips
  • Leveling Up: A chip prize is provided for each level up.
  • Inviting Friends: When you invite a friend via Facebook you get a coin reward.

As such, pretty standard for a game like this.

Buying Chips

Pop Slots chip store

The coin store is pretty standard as well; higher level purchases usually have some sort of bonus attached, either tied to the event running or just offering some sort of extra.

Unlike most other apps, I don’t see limited time deals running as often, so the coin store is going to be where you do most of the purchases.

Earning Loyalty Points

POP! Slots has gone through a variety of ways to earn LPs, but right now it depends on the device. Android players see it move based on the amount of time the app is open; iOS players move the meter by spinning. Either way, you can earn valuable LPs, although there is a daily cap. Once you’ve hit your limit for the day, you can basically stop and come back the next day.

Redeeming Loyalty Points

Pop Slots comp locations

As mentioned in the onset of this review, POP! Slots is linked in to the comps available as part of the MyVEGAS network of games. That means comps available at a variety of locations, although Las Vegas is the largest concentration of options.

POP Slots comp examples

It also means access to a wide variety of options, including food, rooms, shows, experiences… plenty to choose from, and alongside comps some BOGOs and other non-premium rewards that expand the availability of options, especially to families and others traveling in groups.

Social Groups on the Web

myVEGASadvisor is a handy website that offers all sorts of great information, including a POP Slots! Free Chips page that ensures you can collect as many free coins as offered at any given time.

If you prefer to keep track of information on social media like Facebook, they also have a very active social media page with similar free coins information, as well as a private group where conversations regularly take place among players.


For those who play a lot of social casinos, POP! Slots’ unique community features and game designs will be attractive for those looking for something a bit outside the norm. The fact that your play can benefit others and vice versa is a nice positive development on the genre, and the fact that you can build your LP balance here among the other MyVEGAS games is an exciting addition.

Do you play POP! Slots? Share your experiences in the comments!

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My name is Joshua, and I’m a slot enthusiast who works in tech as a marketer by day, and dabbles in casinos periodically during off-times. Know Your Slots will reflect my interests in understanding the various ways you can play slots, travel, casino promotions and how you can get the most out of your casino visits.


  • I played over 2 billion coins and didn’t win anything in circus world.somethi g not right also why is the balloon only giving gold coins

    • Hi Cindy! Like any slot-based game there is short term and long term variance at play, which is why sometimes it feels like you can’t win at all, and sometimes you can’t lose.

      The only gold coins is something that they posted about on their app page; the app is going through some upgrades so this change was made as part of the work underway.

      Pop Slots update

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