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Super Jackpot Grand Triple Lion: Classic Everi Mechanic with New Twists

Super Jackpot Grand Triple Lion by Everi logo and top progressive
Written by Joshua

Everi has a long history of three-reel games with multiple wild symbols and multiple progressives. The Super Jackpot series is among them, and during my summer Vegas trip I spotted a new iteration on them that takes them in a new (and more expensive) direction.

Welcome to the table Super Jackpot Grand Triple Lion. There’s a couple of key changes to this one. One is this was a penny denomination game, in a series which is normally a higher denomination game.

Super Jackpot Grand Triple Lion by Everi bet panel

With that change, the game also raises the price for eligibility for the progressives. The old line would start at quarter denomination, so nine lines would be $2.25 and make you eligible. Here, it’s 90 credit bet increments with flat prizes for the 90 and 180 credit bet levels, meaning you have to wager 270 credits ($2.70 on penny denomination) to qualify for the progressives.

However, there’s also higher options of 360 and 450 credits, which increase your chances of winning the progressives.

(Everi’s site does list a version that has a 60 credit increment, meaning a top wager of 300 credits; presumably this cuts everything down by a third given the lower bet increments, but makes the bets more accessible.)

As far as non-progressive pays, the bars and 7s pays increase linearly based on the bet multiplier, so aside from chasing the progressives you also see increasing payouts on higher bet multipliers, which is good because those pays are what keep you going until the progressives come around.

I gave this game a bit of a chance during my visit, and did not get a progressive; I’ve certainly had runs on its predecessors with the same happening, but it did feel a bit harder, probably egged on by the higher bet requirements to be eligible for the progressives.

Super Jackpot Grand Triple Lion by Everi progressives and line pays
Line pays displayed are at the 270 credit bet level, which was what I was playing at the time.

The other thing I noticed is the progressive starting point is lower on this. When I reviewed Wild Gems, a predecessor and sister game, $75 was the reset point at a $2.25 bet for the mixed wilds, whereas on this game it starts at $60. The Major and Mega seemed similarly reduced. I took a glance at some other content out there and found similar starting points for the previous Super Jackpot Double Lion as well.

The line pays are down too. Three mixed bars paid 1/3 your bet back on the predecessor while it pays about 1/4 here. Part of the reason of these shifts is clearly the shift from a Double Lion symbol to a Triple Lion symbol; that means the multipliers can go to 3x and 9x with two of them on a line.

Another reason seems to be the supersized grand, which is now five figures, whereas the previous game was a lot lower.

The combination of the bigger bet levels and the lower prizes on the more accessible progressives, as well as the cut on the base game line pays to counteract the Triple Lion, are all signs of increased volatility, so keep that in mind if you’re a fan of the game series. But of course if the right things line up the game could overperform its predecessor in pays – you just have to get luckier.

Super Jackpot Grand Triple Lion Slot Videos

I tried searching for them at the time of writing and couldn’t find them! This article will be updated when I do.

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