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The Fire Link Series and How Low Limit Players Benefit

Golden Fire Link by Light & Wonder logo and jackpots
Written by Joshua

For much of the past year, I’ve been talking regularly with The Jackpot Gents about various topics, but one of the ones that seems to be among their more watched videos is good slots for low limit players.

So in our latest conversation, we blended that advice with a bit more about one game series, the Fire Link series, which also incorporates some of the recent things I learned about the Fire Link games. For this conversation we specifically focused on Golden Fire Link.

For instance, the bonuses aren’t as easy to secure as on older games, so I recommend giving yourself a bit more runway to have a chance at that bonus. Putting $20 in and doing $1 spins gives you 20 chances, whereas the average opportunity to get a bonus on this game is probably something closer to 1 in 100.

On games 10-15 years ago, you might expect a bonus to come out every 50 spins. Although the bonus probably wouldn’t pay as much as a Fire Link bonus would today, it is offset by being more challenging to accomplish.

Another thing about the new games that may be appealing to lower limit players (and fans of Fire Link in general) is the addition of spinners, both as fire balls and the addition of one at the very top of the Fire Link bonus reels.

These spinners will let you know what you won at the end of the bonus, adding additional anticipation after the bonus is complete, just like the hold and spin aspect adds suspense during the bonus.

This creates a fun new element that carries the series forward while keeping much of what people like about the games intact.

Our video focuses in on the game and some fun aspects about it, worth a watch if you’re a fan of the series!

I collaborate with The Jackpot Gents on a video once a month, and also contribute to their American Casino Guide Book website on a regular basis.

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