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The Wager Saver: Do You Get Credit for a Wager?

Wager Saver Piggy Bankin
Written by Joshua

Reader Brian R. was curious about the Wager Saver, which I previously wrote about on the site:

When you do a wager saver… what amount gets credited to your player card, if any? If you had $0.50 and tried to do a $1.00 bet.. and you lose it… are you credited for anything? If you win the spin, are you credited the 0.50 or the $1.00 spin?

Brian R., via social media

Thanks for the questions! When you attempt the Wager Saver, you’re still making a bet, just like any other bet – in this case though instead of buying a spin, you’re buying a chance at one.

In the scenario you’ve outlined, your bet is 50 cents – the player’s card will pick up that you bet 50 cents. It doesn’t know what you’re betting on (other than maybe that it’s a slot machine, which would differ from, say, video poker), but it doesn’t know it’s a wager saver bet vs. a spin.

The good news is, whether you win or lose the wager saver attempt, you get credit for the bet – you placed a bet, so you get credit for the bet. But even if you win the wager saver, the credit in your example would still be for 50 cents, because that’s what you actually put on the line. So the winning or losing is irrelevant to the machine.

I hope this helps! And if you’ve got a question of your own, feel free to leave it in the comments below, or email me through the Contact Form on the website. You could see your question answered right here on the site!

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