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Triple Double Diamond Free Games: Oldie, but Goodie, Low Volatility Game

Triple Double Diamond Free Games by IGT Great Win
Written by Joshua

I recently wrote about Ainsworth’s Quick Spin slot machine, which is a great modern low volatility play. However, an older, but also fun, one comes from IGT in the form of the physical (or virtual) 3-reel Triple Double Diamond free games.

The game’s been out for some time, but IGT re-released it as part of its more modern reels games, ensuring it will live on for quite some time to come.

The game has a number of low-volatility traits going for it:

  • Low symbol count: There’s the three bar types, two 7s types, the cherry, Double Diamond and Triple Diamond (each of which double as a wild), and the free spins symbol.
  • High line count: For a three-reel game, to have 20 lines is quite a lot, when many have just a single line, and other times 3 or 5 lines.
  • Mixed symbol pays: The three bar symbols pay mixed, the two 7s pay mixed, the two diamond symbols are wild and pay with anything. That makes it easier for things to line up.
  • Top prize is limited: Without progressives, the top prize is 1,000x your bet, and there’s some mid-level prizes that can pay respectably as well.
Triple Double Diamond Free Games by IGT multiplier line hit

Normally, multipliers would indicate the potential for a lot more volatility, but the way the game is designed they add a bit, but in the right ways to make the game even more fun.

And indeed it’s the multipliers that can quickly amp up the hit, further helped by the 20 lines possible.

Free Games Bonus

Triple Double Diamond Free Games by IGT multiplier hit

Getting a Free Games symbol on all three reels anywhere will yield the Free Games bonus, which gives you 12 spins at 2x the line pays. You can retrigger in the bonus, and the 2x can be combined with the Double and Triple Diamond symbols.

On a game like this, the free spins actually come pretty often, all things considered. It’s certainly not as hard as many of the modern IGT persistent reels games.

The end result is a pretty well balanced game that can yield big line hits frequently enough to make it fun, bonuses often enough to keep you engaged, and a volatility love enough to generally have some solid time on game if you want to play for awhile.

Watch and Learn

Here’s IGT’s promotional video for the game on its newer hardware:

Here is TheBigPayback‘s video playing the game on an older cabinet:

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  • Where can I play Triple Double diamond? on what website and or casino? I have been looking around on the internet for this oldie but goodie slot machine, which offers free games 12 of them, not Free plays and not Free spins. It strictly says free game.

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