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What Makes the Pot Close on Games Like 88 Fortunes, Dancing Drums?

Dancing Drums by Shuffle Master and WMS progressive pick
Written by Joshua

A reader posted this question on a previous Dancing Drums article:

Simple question! What exactly makes the pot close? I have played and it closed when it looks full and also it closes sometimes when there are only a few coins?????

Cindy, on a previous Dancing Drums article

First off, when it comes to the amount of coins in the pot, I’ve spoken about this previously – that’s a visual that has nothing to do with when the pot will close at all. So we know how full a pot won’t close it – but what will?

The question was asked about Dancing Drums, but just about every one of these games uses the wild symbol as their indicator. You may notice that when a wild symbol appears, something flies up into the pot, fireworks, etc. The wild symbol is therefore involved.

What happens is that a wild symbol gives you a chance of a progressive feature triggering. How good of a chance depends completely on your bet level – higher bets give you higher chances.

Once you’re in the actual progressive picking round (which is nearly universally a predetermined pick), you have the same chances at any bet level of winning each progressive. So your chances increase to get a progressive based on bet, but what you actually get has the same odds no matter what the bet level.

In practice, those max betting will enter the pick screen a lot more often, but will still enjoy mostly minis and minors along with the rest of us.

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