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White Orchid: IGT Slot Offers Multiple Ways to Win

White Orchid by IGT big win on White Falls free spins bonus
Written by Joshua

White Orchid is a game with a somewhat unusual structure relative to other slot machines. For a game of its vintage, it comes with a high credit increment for wagers, but it also comes with a more unique structure for paying out wins.

The game sees 80 credit bet increments, but that’s because you’re actually buying two versions of the game at once: 40 credits covers a standard 40 payline game, and the other 40 credits covers an all ways pays structure.

Some versions let you optionally turn off that extra 40 credits all ways pays bet, but newer versions are sometimes configured to not allow that partial bet, just like another game of that vintage, Stinkin’ Rich.

Playing the whole 80 credits serves as a way to increase the volatility, as you can get an all ways pays win without getting a line, for instance, but you’re still paying for both. Of course, if you get a lot of symbols that line up both on lines and through the all ways pays, it can pay well too.

A second unusual feature to the game is that instead of 5 reels on the 5×4 array, you have 20 different reels, one per each space on the array. This can open up the chances to get some big wins, especially since wilds can show up in each of the spaces on reel columns 2 through 5.

Finally, getting a bonus (the “White Falls” free spins) only requires two symbols, but the symbols only appear on reel column 3. Like other games, more symbols yields more games:

  • 2 bonus symbols: 10 free games
  • 3 bonus symbols: 15 free games
  • 4 bonus symbols: 20 free games

You have the ability to retrigger in the bonus, and potentially repeatedly, up until you hit 130 free spins, which is the cap.

The unusual form and function of this particular game makes it a fun one to break out among the casino choices, and it remains quite common on the casino floor to this day.

Watch and Learn

RandomSlots has a video featuring the pay table as well:

Diana Evoni had a strong bonus on White Orchid that featured quite a few retriggers:

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