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Black Star: Another Classic Bally Bullseye Bonus Slot

Black Star by Bally pay table
Written by Joshua

Sometimes I write about a slot machine that generates a bit of interest. My post earlier this year on Cherry Red, a classic Bally slot machine that features their Bullseye Bonus, generated some interest, particularly those hoping to find the machines still out there.

Black Star is at one of my local casinos, and is a clone of Cherry Red. The game has the same low volatility traits:

  • Stacked Wild Symbols that can make line hits easier
  • 8 baseline symbols on the pay table, plus the bullseye bonus symbol. Less symbols tends to make a game less volatile.
  • A $1.50 max bet on penny denomination with 30 lines is the most common configuration – less money through the machine helps reduce the wild swings over time, and particularly helps when variance comes into play. Better, this game doesn’t penalize you if you want to bet lower, so you can go as low as 30 cents a spin.

With 5 of a kinds being anywhere from 1x to 20x the bet, there is some money to be found even in the base game. However, the Bullseye Bonus is a bit special, and still one of my favorites on a Bally game.

You trigger the bonus with 3 or more bonus symbols. The bonus is about collecting bullseye symbols; however many you get to start the bonus is collected to kick things off.

Each four bullseyes collected makes a reel wild, starting with the fifth reel and working its way forward. So, collect enough bullseyes and the frequency and the amount of the wins increases quickly, as those wild reels make five of a kinds a lot more realistic. Once you get that third reel wild it really begins to get interesting.

As such, there’s a lot of potential in the game, but it’s not horribly tough to play. The game isn’t around in as many casinos anymore as the machines are slowly getting phased out, but it’s definitely a fun game to play when you can find it on the casino floor.

Watch and Learn

TheBigPayback played on a multi-denomination machine, and played at max bet on nickels for $7.50 a spin:

Charrua NYC played a video gaming machine version of the game in New York:

Here’s a $2.50 max bet (25 lines, 2 cent denom, 125 credits) by SlotsVids:

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