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Da Ji Da Li by AGS Will Feel Familiar to Slot Players

Da Ji Da Li by AGS Jade Wins big win
Written by Joshua

AGS’ Da Ji Da Li series of games will look and feel familiar to slot players, because for most of the series it’s effectively their version of the 88 Fortunes math model. All the standard pieces are there for most of the games in this series (there is an exception I’ll cover in a bit):

  • All ways pays format
  • Clumped and/or stacked symbols
  • Asian theme with 88 credit bet increments
  • Four progressives – mini, minor, major and grand, that can go off anytime a wild lands,
  • A fireworks symbol in this case that has nothing to do with a progressive going off, but showing you generally how long it has been since the last progressive win

In some ways it makes sense that AGS has a game series like this, as they tend to favor more volatile formats that can lead to big wins.

I have found though that for whatever reason, at least for me, the structure of these games seems to favor me winning bigger when I do line up something nice, and getting those less often, than on an 88 Fortunes style game where I will get smaller hits a bit more often.

Da Ji Da Li by AGS big win

It may have something to do with the way the symbols are clumped and the payouts structured; even though they have similar foundations it does not mean they will necessary play and pay exactly the same – the general foundation can be similar but the mathematical implementation work a bit differently.

While there are four titles in the series, one, Sapphire Wins, stands out as being different than the other three, with it being a line-based game 40 lines and an 80 credit bet increment, but still has the linked Da Ji Da Li progressives. The pay tables are also quite different, with lower pays on many of the line hits but the ability to win on two across on some symbols, for instance.

There’s also a difference between the bonus rounds:

  • Golden Wins, Tiger Wins and Jade Wins features 10 free spins, and you can get 3-5 bonus symbols which pay between 5x and 50x your wager. You can retrigger.
  • Sapphire Wins features bonus symbols only on reels 2, 3 and 4. You are given a choice of how many spins you want, and the multipliers available randomly chosen from the range each spin, effectively working as a volatility choice. You can retrigger as well.
    • 20 free spins with all wins 2x-10x
    • 12 free spins with all wins 4x-50x
    • 8 free spins with all wins 6x-100x

Watch and Learn

NG Slot plays two different versions, Golden Wins and Jade Wins, in this video:

Here is RandomSlots with the Sapphire Wins game and pay table screen shots:

Here is Golden Wins similarly:

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