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River Dragons: Expanding Reels for Free Game Wins

River Dragons by AGS big win
Written by Joshua

AGS has some fun games out there, and when it’s active, River Dragons is among them for me. This 88 credits per bet level game in an all ways pays format features stacked symbols (in partiuclar wilds and dragons) as well as clumped symbols of much of the rest, making decent line hits possible when the right scenarios come out.

The game also features a couple of unique elements to it which also add to its interest.

One of the unique things about River Dragons is its 3-4-4-4-3 reel set, so you have 576 ways to win in the base game by default.

River Dragons by AGS stacked wilds in bonus

The bonus symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 and can be stacked together as well. This leads to the second unique thing: Whenever you get a bonus symbol on reels 2 and 3, the reels can expand, and the middle three reels can ultimately get as tall as 8 spaces deep. This is called the Reel Surge feature. At that level you’re at 4,608 ways to win, quite a boost vs. the standard reel height.

Whether or not you get the bonus, you get the line hits that come from those expanded reels. But if you get the bonus, that reel set is maintained as you go into the bonus.

The third unique thing is because of the stacked bonus symbols, you can 8 free games for each combination of them, but you can get up to 128 free spins depending on how many bonus symbols present themselves on each reel.

Within the free spins bonus, if the second and third reel sees a bonus symbol, the Reel Surge feature can trigger again (as long as there’s still room to grow), and whether you retrigger or not, the reels remain that height for the remainder of the bonus.

Taller reels will of course increase the odds of some really good hits occurring, and with enough free spins inevitably something nice happens.

Finally, this game has two must hit by progressives. It’s important to note that these tend to favor triggering in the upper end of their range – this is pretty well documented by now but if you’re looking at whether to go after them, remember you may be going right up to the finish line with them.

River Dragons Slot Videos

RandomSlots has a bonus and the pay tables for you in this video:

Slotaholic found a progressive on River Dragons at $496.53 with a must hit by $500 top end – how did that work out for him?

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