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Slot Machines with a Mystery Bonus Choice

Ultimate Fire Link by Bally China Street free spins pick
Written by Joshua

There are plenty of slot machines that offer a bonus with a volatility choice, allowing you to decide how easy or difficult of a bonus you want. Easier bonuses will be more reliable with smaller pays, effectively lower volatility, while harder bonuses will be harder to win, but the line hits can be much more lucrative when they do come out.

The most volatile of all are games where they offer a mystery pick, which will select from the various combinations in a way that isn’t balanced like the other choices. It’s like breaking open the volatility piñata and hoping for a miracle, but a lot of players really love to take a chance at something bigger.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of games that have a Mystery choice to it:

Dancing Drums by Shuffle Master and WMS bonus pick
  • Dancing Drums: Your mystery choice will mix between 3 and 15 games, and a 5×3 reel set and a 5×6 reel set. On its sequel Dancing Drums Explosion, the gold bonus will mix between a 5×4 and a 5×8 reel set.
  • The new Reel Riches games (Dragon’s Wealth) has a mystery choice, that’s somewhat like Dancing Drums, with 3-10 games and 5×4 to 5×8 reel sets as the possibilities.
  • Ultimate Fire Link: China Street and River Walk versions have a set of free games/multiplier combos, and mystery will select between them.
  • 5 Frogs: You can choose from the five different bonuses, or choose Mystery and it will pull a free games and multiplier stack from the choices.
  • 5 Dragons Gold: Many 5 Dragons don’t have a mystery option, but Gold does, and it works similarly to 5 Frogs.
  • 5 Elemental Legends: This Konami game has a mystery choice that chooses between the four free games and multiplier possibilities. Shikibu is a clone with the same option.
  • Wonkavator: If you get the wheel on this game there’s a mystery choice amongst the wheels and multipliers available.
  • Sky Rider: This game and its sequels have a set of choices of stacked symbols and free games, or you can pick mystery that will select from within the ranges of free games and the symbol choices.
  • Gold Pays: Many of Aristocrat’s Gold Pays series of games, such as Golden Princess and Lunar Festival, have a mystery option that choose between a range of free games and the number of gold pays symbols added.
  • Lucky 88: This picks between a range of free games and a multiplier range as well.

As you can see, most of them fall within certain types of modes, like free games counts, multipliers, reel sizes and so forth. But they offer the chance to overperform vs. a balanced volatility choice, or underperform if you get unlucky.

On Dancing Drums I have gotten the worst possible outcome (3 games, 5×3 reel set) on mystery enough to cause me to think twice, but if I’m up on the game I’ll still give it a try now and then.

Do you enjoy the mystery option? Share your experiences in the comments!

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