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The Bonuses of Bally’s Ultimate Fire Link

Ultimate Fire Link by Bally China Street free spins bonus
Written by Joshua

Most people think of Link games as having the symbols with numbers on them, and collecting those numbers for big paydays. But Link games tend to have a free spins bonus as well, and it’s there where the more unique natures of each game comes out the most.

Like Lightning Link, whose bonuses I previously covered on the site, Ultimate Fire Link features a common core link mechanic, but has varying free spin bonuses based on the theme. Each has something to offer, but players may favor one bonus model over another.

To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of the various Ulitmate Fire Link bonuses, and which themes feature each. Also like Lightning, multiple themes share the same bonus. There are four bonus types in the Ultimate Fire Link series as I write this across 10 themes.

Baseline Free Spins

Ultimate Fire Link by Bally Rue Royale free spins bonus

Featured on: Olvera Street, Rue Royale

This is the most straightforward bonus version, and what I consider the baseline free spins bonus, as the others go off in more unique directions. With Olvera Street being one of the debut themes of the series, it also was one of the first to be seen in casinos.

The free spins bonus for these versions features 10 free games without the fireballs. Stacked wilds are included, improving the chances of a sizable win. You also have the chance to retrigger by getting 10 more bonus spins.

Watch and Learn

Here is a video from Slot Queen featuring the Olvera Street free games bonus:

Volatility Choice

Ultimate Fire Link by Bally China Street free spins pick
Screenshot from Slot Queen video; used with permission.

Featured on: China Street, River Walk

The second free spins bonus gives you a choice between different free spin options, each with their own multipliers, a la a 5 Dragons or 5 Frogs.

You get five choices that are fixed, with more spins with smaller wild multipliers (the low volatility choice) at one end and the less spins with larger wild multipliers (the high volatility choice) at the other end. There’s also a mystery pick, which can go any direction. They are as follows:

  • 20 free games, with a 2x, 3x or 5x wild multiplier
  • 15 free games with a 3x, 5x or 8x wild multiplier
  • 10 free games with a 5x, 8x or 10x wild multiplier
  • 7 free games with a 8x, 10x or 15x wild multiplier
  • 5 free games with a 10x, 15x or 25x wild multiplier

Because it’s a wild multiplier, only spins with a wild in them will multiply, and it will choose between the three options for each line hit.

The fireballs are also not present in this version, but plenty of wild symbols are available to help get some line hits with multipliers. You can retrigger with the free spin symbols.

Watch and Learn

Here’s a China Street bonus from Slot Queen, starting at 6:04:

Double Height Reels

Ultimate Fire Link by Bally By the Bay free spin with fireballs
Captured from BC Slots video; used with permission.

Featured on: By the Bay, North Shore, Country Lights

This version of the free spin bonus goes in a different direction by introducing double high reels, similar to the grid that a Fire Link bonus would present. The whole grid is available, and any fireballs landed are collected automatically during this bonus.

All symbols are generally stacked in 2-3 position clumps, including the wilds, which

You can retrigger in this bonus with the free spin symbols.

Watch and Learn

Brian Christopher shows an example of a By the Bay bonus, starting at 9:35:

Retrigger Mania

Ultimate Fire Link by Bally Route 66 fireball and spin
Captured from BC Slots video; used with permission.

Featured on: Route 66, Glacier Gold, Forest Wild

In this version, the reels are normal sized like the first two bonuses. These reels do have the fireballs, which like the previous bonus is collected anytime they land.

Where this bonus is different is the starting out point of five free spins, but anytime a bonus symbol appears an additional spin is added. Since they appear in the middle three reels, 1-3 spins can be added in any bonus spin. It’s not uncommon for the spin counts to get into the teens and twenties. This differs from the other three, which have a more traditional free spin bonus retrigger.

Watch and Learn

Here is a Route 66 bonus from Brian Christopher, starting at 17:49:

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