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Slot Moments: Diana Evoni Handpay on Wild Wild Emerald

Mohegan Sun overhead slot floor
Written by Joshua

I’ve written about the unique experience the Wild Wild series of games brings to the casino floor, and the bonus can get quite exciting with the wild wild multipliers. (I’ve also written about the tells the games have if you know what to look for).

One thing about the bonus games is landing the wild symbol on reel one or two comes with a multiplier. This means wins can get quite massive just by nature of stacking symbols in all ways pays, or finding enough emeralds with dollar amounts on them.

Diana Evoni recently posted a handpay on a $5 bet, which is pretty good from the get go, but she does it without any dollar amounts collected on the emeralds. This makes for a pretty unusual and unique occasion, but underscores the various ways this game has potential:

In this case the top symbol made it out there in force, ensuring a sizable win without requiring anything other than a great line hit with multipliers.

Of course, this isn’t her only good luck on the game. For a session where the emeralds came out, this video checks those boxes:

She starts with a bonus on the Wild Wild Pearl version, then moved to Emerald and got a jackpot just collecting emeralds on a base spin.

Both jackpots were on a $5 bet, a decent sized bet but not entirely unusual on the modern casino floor. The first handpay could’ve happened at the $2.50 bet though, just showing the true potential of the game.

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