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Taking Advantage of Off-Strip Promotions in Las Vegas

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Written by Joshua

While on my most recent trip to Las Vegas, I was able to take advantage of a lot of promotions going on. Many of the best promotions, probably not a surprise to some, were at off-strip casinos, whether downtown or strip adjacent.

Here I’ll share a few examples of what I mean, and what to look for the next time you’re in Las Vegas.

Comp Point Multipliers

One of the most common scenarios I encountered was comp point multipliers. Most of the casinos I visited were offering some form of this, usually on off days.

El Cortez has a 10x point multiplier Sundays through Tuesdays. This multiplier multiplies your comp point earnings by 10 on all three days, so instead of earning $1 in comps for every $500 you gamble on slots, win or lose, you earn $1 of comps for every $50 you gamble. That’s a pretty good earnings ratio, and comp dollars can be used for meals or stays at El Cortez.

Similarly, I’ve talked about the 10x comp point multiplier on Wednesdays at OYO Las Vegas. That has continued, and instead of earning $1 in comps for every $150 you gamble on slots at OYO, you get $1 in comps for every $15 – that’s a stellar earnings rate and it racks up really quickly. OYO has two good eating options with Hooters and Steak ‘N Shake, so those comps can really go a long way.

Plaza Las Vegas downtown has a kiosk swipe on Wednesdays that will continue until at least October where you can multiply your comps up to 10x. I got 10x on my visit, and a friend that was there with me got 7x. At Plaza it takes $250 of slot spins to get $1 in comps, so that brings the rate down to a very nice $25 gambled for $1 in comps with a 10x multiplier. Of course it’s not guaranteed, but given Plaza’s pretty generous earnings rate to begin with, that certainly adds up nicely. And Plaza’s points can be used for free play too!

Free Gifts

One thing off strip casinos are more prone to do is gift promotions, which makes sense as many of them are also functionally locals casinos. If you are a fan of those casino free gifts, many of them give you a way to earn them, which helps if you’re not in town all that often, since you can’t just show up to pick up a gift.

Palms had a free gift promotion going the week I visited where if you earned 1,000 points sometime between Tuesday and Thursday, you could pick up a gift, which that week was Bluetooth Speakers. Since I was already playing there to take advantage of their first day player promotion, I was able to effectively stack the promotions and get both the free play and the gift!

Plaza has an interesting offer where 100 points on most weekdays yields some form of a food offering. Monday’s I think is the most valuable as you get a pizza promotion at Pop Up Pizza that includes a slice and a beverage. But you can get a taco and drink on Tuesdays, Waffle on Wednesdays and a cappucino and pastry from the cafe on Fridays.

Also at Plaza, earn 100 points in the BC Slots at Plaza area to get a wristband, or earn 2,500 points for a mystery bag of BC Slots swag.

And El Cortez even had a free ice cream promotion, Sundays-Tuesdays, where if you earn 100 points you get a free ice cream bar (two per day). This was stackable with other offers too!

A number of Boyd properties such as the Orleans tend to have Play to Earn opportunities for gifts as well – for them it’s 30 points ($150 in slot wagers, win or lose) to qualify for the weekly gift offering.

Similarly at Station Casinos you can earn 300 points ($300 in slot wagers, win or lose) to qualify for their gift giveaways.

The gift promotions in particular are prone to changing days or rotating on and off the calendar, so it helps to check the various casino sites to see what’s going on, in case there’s a gift that catches your attention or if a promotion will be going on at a place you plan to play.

Kiosk Games

Some casinos I visited also had kiosk games for a nominal amount of coin-in.

El Cortez gives you a swipe at 300 points, which could consist of free play, comp dollars, a restaurant credit and more. A second offer pops up at 1,941 base points earned in a day, which gives you a choice of $10 free play, $10 at Siegel’s 1941 restaurant, a pack of cigarettes or a $6 voucher for a Subway sandwich.

Mondays at Plaza if you earn 50 points, you can swipe for a prize that can include free play or comp dollars. This is combinable with the 100 points for the free pizza offer.

OYO has a kiosk that you can swipe up to five times per day, based on how many base points you earn. 800 base points ($1,200 in coin-in) is the sweet spot, which yields you five swipes that can deliver free play, match play, bonus comp points, comps for the gift shop, free gifts and more. This is also combinable with the 10x promotion.


All of these various opportunities simply add additional value to the casino gaming you’re likely already going to do. If you’re going to visit Las Vegas, and you plan on jumping around a bit, it doesn’t hurt to see what’s available!

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