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Telling Slot Machine Tells: Original Goldfish, Pop n’ Pays

Goldfish by WMS fish kiss bonus
Written by Joshua

It’s been awhile since I’ve covered some slot machine tells on the site, so here are a couple of more for you:

Original Goldfish Slot Machine

The Goldfish slot machine is an enduring one on the casino floor, one that even today, despite its age, can be found on casino floors such as Plaza and Luxor in Las Vegas.

The frequent bonusing frequency for the various features for the fish, along with the Fish Food bonus round, remains a popular game for many, enough so that Goldfish was recently remade to ensure its future on the casino floor.

The original game, however, has a tell for the observant, especially when you get a line hit and a fish feature is on its way.

The key is in the volume button, which appears on the upper right corner of the screen. When the volume button disappears after a spin, a fish bonus will occur after the counting up of any pays from the base game spin. It disappears if there’s nothing to count up, but simply rolls into the bonus.

Keeping an eye on that upper right corner can be a fun way to tell that a feature is coming, but you can also avert your eyes from that part of the screen if you don’t want it to be given away.

Pop ‘n Pays

I previously featured a tell for the three stage progressives that are usually linked across Gaming Arts machines like Pop ‘n Pays. However, the Pop ‘n Pays series itself has another.

When the balloons or pinatas pop, there is a standard sound ahead of the pop. But if an additional sound plays, such as “Ole!” on the pinatas, that indicates a bigger prize, such as a progressive or big number, is about to come out.

So if you hear that extra sound, you know you’re about to have a better than average payout coming!

Other slot machine tells:

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