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The Bonuses of Scientific Games’ Jinse Dao Slot Machine Series

Jinse Dao by Scientific Games
Written by Joshua

The Jinse Dao series is another one of those series that fall into the Lightning Link/Dragon Link and Ultimate Fire Link series of games where the feature is identical across the line, but variations of the bonus are where the games stand out.

So, similar to what I’ve done with those previous game lines, here’s a round-up of how the games are similar, and how the titles differ by bonus

Hit & Win Bonus

Jinse Dao Hit & Win feature

Featured on: All versions

When this game was launched, the Hit & Win feature wasn’t explicitly labeled like it is now. But while the Dragon and Phoenix versions don’t have the Hit & Win mark over the first reel, they work identically to their more recent sister games.

If you get at least one orb in the first reel, the Hit & Win feature activates. The reels may or may not grow up to three rows, and then the reels will stop one by one. If you get at least one orb in reel 2, the feature continues and you will win what’s on the orbs. This continues in each reel until you either get orbs in all four reels, or there is a reel without orbs, in which no further prizes are awarded.

For those who like Link games, this is like a speed round version of it as it all happens in a single spin. You can also win progressives this way.

Other games, such as the new Monopoly Money Grab, also advertise a Hit & Win feature, but it does work a bit differently. In the Jinse Dao series, at least as of this writing, all of them work the same for this base game feature.

Free Games Wheel Bonus

Where the games differ is their variations on the wheel bonus. Each pair of games has their own wheel bonus options, which are designed to provide some volatility to the various bonuses, ensuring each is a bit different. Here’s how each pair handles their wheel bonuses.

Free Games Variability

Jinse Dao by Scientific Games free games wheel feature

Featured on: Dragon, Phoenix

The original two games used a wheel that featured a range of free game options from 5 to 20 games, as well as the four progressives. The free games work effectively similar to the base games, as the Hit & Win feature is still present in the bonus, and in fact can come out more often in the bonus with the special bonus reels at work.

Watch and Learn

Here’s TheBigJackpot with a handpay on the Dragon version:

And here he is on Jinse Dao Phoenix:

Orb Count Variability

Jinse Dao by Scientific Games wheel feature orb variability
Jinse Dao Ox Wheel Bonus screenshot from Brian Christopher video. Used with permission.

Featured on: Ox, Tiger

On this version, the number of free spins remains the same, with 6 free spins awarded on any free games wedge landed. However, the number of orbs added can range from 40 to 400 – more orbs means a higher chance of winning more in the Hit & Win feature, so that’s the variability and volatility implemented on this version of the game.

In this case, the ability to win the Hit & Win feature more often on the bonus reels remains, but how many orbs you can collect will depend on the orb count. The opportunity to get the progressives remains as an alternative to the free games.

Watch and Learn

See Brian Christopher get a wheel bonus on the Ox version at the start of this video:

NG Slot got a handpay on the Tiger version with a 200 orb added bonus:

Multiplier Variability

Featured on: Fu Lion, Horse

The Fu Lion and Horse versions take the variability in the direction of a multiplier. The free games count remains the same on all wedges with 6 free games (just like the Ox/Tiger version), so the variability and volatility comes with that multiplier.

Along with the progressives found on the wheel in each version, you can win the 6 free games with a 2x-10x multiplier on a single reel, which moves with each spin. If you get the Hit & Win feature, and the orbs won include those in the multiplied reel, the orbs will multiply too, so that can mean some strong wins if things line up just right.

Watch and Learn

This pair seems to be less common so far, so the videos out there less prevalent. But RandomSlots features three sessions on Horse in this video (but only features, no Wheel Bonus), and also incorporates pay tables for those who wish to take a closer look:

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