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Tropicana in AC Integration Officially to be Completed

Written by Joshua

UPDATE: Later in the day after this article was published, the transition was pushed back two weeks. The article has been updated to reflect the changes in their announcement.

It’s been almost a year since Eldorado acquired Caesars, and I predicted it would take about a year for the systems integrations to largely get completed. Based on emails that arrived in my inbox, that sounds about right.

Tropicana is slated to be fully migrated to the Caesars Rewards system later this month. Originally announced to be April 13th, the transition will now happen on the 27th, with things hopefully fully up and running on the 28th. This means that the need for a separate Caesars Rewards Local card will officially conclude, and your ability to use your standard Caesars Rewards card will be up and running.

During that time certain things will be unavailable; the bulk of the outage will be between 10 p.m. the 26th and 4 p.m. the 27th, although some aspects will revive on the 28th, such as Return Rewards. But overall, it’s a less than 24 hour window for the final cutover, which is pretty solid.

Based on this, it sounds like Tropicana will be fully onboard and integrated into the Caesars website and so forth in time for May, just like Borgata, which too announced its own system update this month.

The timing for this is pretty savvy, given it’s before the busy season in AC and before everything gets back to full capacity. This should make this a lot easier for players as well, since by the busier season all offers should be in one system and so on.

So this is ultimately good news, and a welcome step forward as the systems merger slowly reaches the finish line. Atlantic City is a competitive market and I’ve seen a lot of questions and issues about this Caesars Rewards Local era as many players have been confused, so it will be great to move past it. Welcome Tropicana to the main Caesars Rewards system!

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