Cromwell: Smaller Property in Strip of Caesars Options

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Written by Joshua

In a long strip of Caesars Rewards properties in Las Vegas, Cromwell is the smallest, and acts as a boutique hotel and night club offering surrounded by their much larger properties.

Cromwell used to be put forth as a better gamble – better odds, better table scenarios. But that appears to be one of a continuing series of marketing attempts that have fallen short, as that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore.

The latest marketing direction is that the Cromwell is an adults only boutique hotel. While the look and feel of this property will back it up, some of the other things that made it special appear to be gone for good.

The Casino Floor

Cromwell used to be a place where you could find some better odds. Craps odds were better, single zero roulette was on the floor, you could find some tables dealing 3/2 Blackjack. There was a bank of over 99 percent video poker machines near the entrance (albeit at a slower tier earnings pace, and only quarter denomination).

Basically all of this now looks like any other Caesars property. There’s a small selection of slots that run against one side, and then tables on the other side, and it looks pretty upscale inside. That’s the basic idea. Slots are largely lower denomination, although as you walk deeper into the back you’ll find some higher denomination options.

But the size of the property won’t give you a ton of choice. Fortunately you can go next door to Horseshoe or Flamingo or even further beyond them to find more choices. Or you can go across the street to Caesars Palace. That’s one of the benefit of staying at a Caesars property in Las Vegas.

Hotel Rooms

Cromwell king hotel room

There’s less than 200 hotel rooms on the property, and unlike many of the other Caesars room types, which feel like variations on a theme but all feel decidedly Caesars, these are a bit more unique and have character.

The biggest concern you might have is the rooftop club, Drais, which can introduce some noise issues. But depending on the hours you keep, this could very much be a non-issue as well.

Caesars Rewards Program

Like other Caesars-owned properties, Cromwell participates in the Caesars Rewards program. Tier credits earned here count towards the same status as earned at other Caesars Rewards properties, and you can earn Reward Credits here for use here or elsewhere in the system.

You can charge to your room from any Las Vegas Caesars property too, helpful for aggregating your spending in one spot.

Other Notes

Cromwell doesn’t have a lot of dining choices either, but Eatwell has come in clutch for me in the past, with some good food deals and having broader hours. I’ve often found it to not be overly busy, helpful for a quick bite to eat when you’re on the go.

The pandemic, too, killed some of the benefits of Eatwell though; they used to have a Barbary Coast hot dog offer that appears to have vanished in the post pandemic, post Eldorado takeover period as well. But relative to other options, you’ll find some reasonably affordable options on the menu here. And if you want something cheaper, you’re not that far from Casino Royale.

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