Flamingo Las Vegas: Classic Property in Prime Location

Flamingo Las Vegas as seen in 2018
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The Flamingo Las Vegas is a historic Las Vegas property with a nearly 75-year history, and is the oldest property operating on the strip today (and third oldest overall). Of course, what it was at opening would look completely foreign to those familiar with the property today.

Here’s a look at what this property, in a great location on the Las Vegas strip, has to offer.

Casino Floor

The Flamingo’s casino floor saw a revamp this spring with a major rearrangement of their table game area. It was the first time in some time this was done, but had many believing that table games were going away for a bit.

Before the pandemic, Flamingo’s tables were among the places with more value-driven options, which makes sense as its relative value-oriented position in the Caesars line-up. Like most casinos, those minimums went up as a result of the limited spots, so it will be interesting to see what happens now that Vegas is returning to full strength.

Before the table reset they had a good variety of carnival table games, as well as a really healthy number of other games like craps, but the reports are indicating a smaller table zone, with slot machines taking up some of the former table space. I plan on scouting out how things look on my upcoming trip to see how much things have changed. At the time of writing this Flamingo lists 130 table games on their site, which is a very healthy number.

The slot machine selection was pretty healthy even before the changes, with a great mix of classic and newer slots, and a good mix of low and high denomination machines. They advertise over 1,600 slots on the floor, a pretty good number for a Vegas strip property.

It’s always been a property to visit for me, as it houses some of my favorite older slots like Cheshire Cat, Carmen and Village People Party. (Wondering what they have? Caesars has a slot finder to look up what games are on the floor.)

Caesars properties are not known for their good video poker selection, and Flamingo is no exception. There’s not much of note for good pay tables; you can definitely find better elsewhere.

Hotel Rooms

Flamingo Fab room king bed

Flamingo’s rooms were renovated in a couple of batches, so there’s the Go rooms, the Fab rooms, and then the newest being the Flamingo rooms.

Flamingo Go room king bed

Each has their own style and look to them, so you have a bit of variety and choice. The Flamingo rooms look the most like a “standard” Caesars-type room to me, in terms of the style and layout, but all have their own charm. The newer rooms seem to be priced higher than the rest, and there’s certainly more variety to them, not surprising given there’s more of them than the rest.

Flamingo room king bed

Common to all rooms types is a standard room size of 350 feet. You can choose from various views available given the property’s enormous size. That enormous size also means long hallways, so expect a bit of a walk if you plan on staying there.

Casino Players/Comp Program

This is a Caesars Rewards property, entrenched in a row of Caesars Rewards properties, and across the street from Caesars Palace. That’s great if you want some variety as you have all sorts of places you can play all around you and still earn comps, as Caesars merges together all play within Las Vegas for a daily accounting.

You can read my article on Caesars Rewards for details on how the program works.

Other Thoughts

Flamingo is right by the LINQ Promenade, which puts you near Fly LINQ and the High Roller, as well as a shopping zone and food options from restaurants to In ‘n Out burger.

Flamingo pool complex

The Flamingo has a pretty neat looking pool complex, which you can see walking to the monorail station that Flamingo is connected to. The relative time to get from the Flamingo to the monorail is pretty quick, actually, which makes reaching other properties from MGM Grand to Sahara pretty simple.

The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat is home to a variety of animals, including of course flamingos, that is a free attraction to take in and worth a visit, especially for those bringing their families.

Most of the restaurants are priced with budgets in mind, including a food court, but there is a steak restaurant (as most casino resorts have) and a Margaritaville restaurant that has survived the culling of the sub-casino of the same name that used to be at Flamingo, complete with a 5 O’Clock somewhere bar.

Flamingo was one of the Caesars properties with a buffet pre-pandemic, but the new owners have made a number of public statements frowning upon the buffets. As of this writing there isn’t even a reference to a buffet on the website, so it seems like a strong possibility this one won’t come back. I ate at the Flamingo buffet once for brunch and it was alright, nothing special, but the service was really good.

Flamingo used to be home to shows like Donny & Marie, pretty famously for a decade; it’s currently home to Piff the Magic Dragon, RuPaul’s Drag Race Live! and branches of the X Burlesque series of shows.

Book Now

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