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Cheshire Cat: Low Volatility WMS Game With Fun Bonus

Cheshire Cat by WMS smiling cat
Written by Joshua

The past couple of weeks I’ve been talking about some of my favorite Blade-era WMS games, such as Montezuma, Jackpot Stampede and Diamond Hunt. But one of the ones I’ve probably played the most over the years, both for its lower volatility and fun bonus scenario, is Cheshire Cat.

Cheshire Cat (and its clone, Corgi Cash) uses a few aspects to it to provide a lower volatility experience, such as the way it handles stacked symbols to have a mystery symbol each spin that increases the odds that symbol lines up.

Cheshire Cat by WMS full screen cheshire cats

The end result of such scenarios is that getting a full screen of symbols is not unusual, even of the top symbol Cheshire Cat. Of course, it does not pay particularly well either; a full screen of Cheshire Cats, the top non-wild symbol, gets you a mere 50x your bet.

Even a full screen of wilds, much more rare but a bit more likely in the bonus round, is a 500x win. Of course, that is another sign of a lower volatility machine – lower top payout scenarios.

Cheshire Cat by WMS wheel spin

The bonus, which isn’t particularly hard to trigger, uses a wheel spinner to select 1-4 reel sets with 1-4 wild symbols. This means some scenarios are guaranteed wins each spin the way the wilds land, while others are a bit of a harder climb.

This gives the bonus some volatility to give the game some excitement, and the wheel did not feel particularly weighted (if it was at all), so it was not impossible to get some of the better scenarios.

You get more spins for more bonus symbols:

  • 3 bonus symbols: 5 free spins
  • 4 bonus symbols: 10 free spins
  • 5 bonus symbols: 20 free spins

So getting more bonus symbols could clearly assist in the ability to rack up big wins, but of course getting more arrays and wilds on the wheel will clinch it.

Cheshire Cat by WMS two arrays bonus round

There is a bonus guarantee if you do not manage to clear 10x, similar to other games in the Blade series which introduced this concept, and some are set up to offer the Wager Saver as well.

Watch and Learn

RandomSlots shares a bonus with 2 arrays, as well as a picture of a massive win on the game (proving it is possible):

Casinomannj had this insane win on the game, over 1,000x, thanks to the perfect wheel scenario:

TheBigPayback managed that 5 bonus symbol trigger with 4 slot reel sets/arrays for a giant win of his own:

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