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Quick Spin Multiplay Super Charged 7s: 4 Boards at Once

Quick Spin Multiplay Super Charged 7s by Ainsworth wheel
Written by Joshua

My love of Quick Spin should be apparent right now, and I’m not the only one. The series is a bonafide hit for Ainsworth, and so various variations have begun making their way to the casino floor to build upon that popularity.

These variations have led to progressives, bigger multipliers and even persistent state reels, but one of of the sequels is among the most straightforward.

Multiplay Super Charged 7s is Quick Spin’s version of the Wonder 4-style format, with the ability to bet two reel sets or four reel sets at a time. Your bet increments are appropriately 2x or 4x.

Quick Spin Multiplay Super Charged 7s by Ainsworth 5x wheel

The line hits pay the same, and the wheels and bonus symbols are exactly as they are on the original, but you’re spinning 4 reel sets at once. You can still get up to the 5x wheel spin, but the wheel values have been increased, reflecting the higher wagers being required. And the Quick Spin frequent spin potential remains.

This can lead to some interesting scenarios. The bonus spins are on a single reel, but you can trigger in multiple reel sets at once. In that scenario you get 8 spins for each reel set where the bonus is triggered, but otherwise the bonus works identically to the single reel version.

Quick Spin Multiplay Super Charged 7s by Ainsworth two wheel spins

You can also land multiple wheel spins, each with its own mutliplier, offering the ability to pay out on multiple wheel spins on a single base spin.

The end result is a game that has more volatility thanks to bet size, but on the other hand it’s a low volatility framework due to the low amount of symbols and the frequent small line hits, so even for a higher bet size the swings aren’t too dramatic.

It’s a fun one to play among the other variations to keep things interesting!

Watch and Learn

Here is Ainsworth’s promotional video for the game:

And here’s a video from TheBigPayback featuring this version:

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