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Slot Vocabulary: Feature Bet

Zodiac Lion by IGT bet panel
Written by Joshua

When talking about various wagers on slot machines, you may hear the term “Feature Bet.” This refers to an additional wager, made above/beyond the line wager, that is becoming increasingly popular with players, casinos and slot manufacturers alike.

For players, they’re getting the ability to buy in to a secondary opportunity, increase the chances of a feature or bonus, or some other scenario. For casinos and slot manufacturers, they get to drive up our average wagers, exposing more money to the house edge.

There are a variety of feature bet types, many of which have been discussed here on the site in the past:

  • More/better bets: You’re able to increase the chances for a bonus, or the payout potential of that bonus, by activating a bet panel with bigger credit requirements. Examples of this include Zeus/Kronos Unleashed and Thunderball.
  • Jackpot Feature bet: Konami has a series of these machines, which take the same themes but add on Treasure Ball or Jackpot Streams, which gives you the chance at extra credits or a progressive. These add anywhere from 10 to 100 credits per spin on to the wager for the base game, and are effectively a wager for a secondary aspect to the slot reels.
  • More bubbles/frames/etc.: Many IGT games, from Ocean Magic to Zodiac Lion, have a second bet level that aren’t for a bonus, but amplify a persistent state feature that can lead to lots of wilds and big wins.

Ultimately you’re paying more, to get more. But this also means spending more over time on a slot machine designed to take your money. If the bets are at a level that’s comfortable for you, no big deal! But if you’re looking to maintain a lower bet scenario, you can either opt out of the bet, when possible, or find versions of the game without the extra bet.

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