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5 Treasures Golden Door: Sequel Only Tweaks a Casino Slot Machine Favorite

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Written by Joshua

Fans of games like 88 Fortunes and its descendants like Dancing Drums certainly have had their picks of sequels and spinoffs in recent years (hello Rising Fortunes). 5 Treasures traditionally hasn’t had quite as much love, but lately it’s been getting more attention.

One such entrant is 5 Treasures Golden Door, and as sequels go they didn’t make too many major changes to the structure, so fans of the original will likely find plenty to like here. What they did change:

5 Treasures Golden Door by Light and Wonder bet panel

The ability to select the number of gold symbols is removed, making the minimum bet 88 cents. This has been happening on many of these games’ sequels, so this isn’t really a surprise.

They’ve also made the game a multi-denomination one, and with that the mini and minor have shifted to flat jackpots instead of progressives. They do shift the mini and minor around based on denomination, and the major and grand odds are proportional based on your overall bet.

The bonus is triggered like any other version of this type of game, with a minimum of three bonus symbols starting from the left.

The key introduction is the Golden Door, which like some of the other recent brand extensions like Dancing Drums Explosion, the gold symbol enhances the bonus. The big difference here is the number of golden doors matters to the numbers for the choices you get (the same structure as the original 5 Treasures, where you pick your volatility or the bonus).

Here’s a table outlining the breakdown, compared to the original 5 Treasures bonus with all five gold symbols active:

Original Game1281181089888
0 Golden Doors118108999081
1 Golden Door13412311210290
2 Golden Doors152139127115102
3 Golden Doors190174159143127

As you can see, the standard bonus without any golden doors yields less symbols, but even getting one gives you more than the original, which presuming similar reel strip sizes otherwise would improve your chances of getting those line hits and all ways pays payouts that get good when enough symbols clump together.

The best part for me is that unlike many sequels that attempt to tinker with the format, they did not water down the symbol pays compared to the original. Symbols pay exactly the same across the board, so this is more of a tweak to the original version than a full restructure like many of the Dancing Drums sequels.

So when it comes to the base game, it’s more or less what you’ve come to expect, with the types of pays you’re rooting for (primarily those five of a kinds and clumped symbols) that you’d always root for on these games. The biggest change, aside from the bet structure, is that the bonus is a bit more volatile than before. That’s a trade-off I can live with, and I think many others can too.

5 Treasures Golden Door Slot Videos

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