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Cobra Hearts: Fun Konami Game with Big Multipliers

Cobra Hearts by Konami 100x win
Written by Joshua

One of my favorite games to play recently is a game that is volatile but has some serious potential, Konami’s Cobra Hearts. Many Konami games have some level of volatility to them, and this one is no exception. It features some of the volatility signals I have mentioned here, including:

  • All ways pays, with 243 ways to win on a 5×3 reel set.
  • Multipliers, including the ability to stack 2x, 3x and 5x multipliers together, and they multiply themselves, not add to themselves. So 5x and 5x is a 25x multiplier.
  • More slot symbols, with 6 poker symbols ,1 premium symbol and 4 mid-rane symbols, plus the multipliers which act as a wild, and the bonus symbol. That is 13 in all.
Cobra Hearts by Konami big win

With decent volatility, dead spins or false wins are not unusual, but you do get multipliers out with enough frequency to pick up some decent mid-range wins and occasionally the exceptionally good one as well, such as the 100x win on the top of this article.

The premium symbol pays with only two across so that helps a bit as well, taking the edge off by providing some additional smaller wins.

The free games amp up the chances to win. You can win 8, 15 or 25 free games by triggering 3, 4 or 5 bonus symbols respectively.

You can retrigger with at least 2 bonus symbols, which gives you 3 extra games, or the same number as above for the other combinations during the bonus.

The multipliers will now slide in if they happen to miss the reel set by a space, which can add additional multipliers to the reel set. Like Mega Vault, you can even end up with multiple multipliers on the same reel in rare scenarios.

Watch and Learn

RandomSlots comes through as always with pay table information and a bonus to boot, along with a big win thanks to the multipliers:

TheBigPayback has a great session on Cobra Hearts featuring a number of great hits:

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