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All About Quick Hit Slot Machines

Quick Hit Black Gold Wild by Scientific Games progressives
Written by Joshua

The Quick Hit series of slot machines has been around for well over a decade now, and it remains one of my favorites. As such, I’ve written about the games a lot.

Here’s a rundown of my various Quick Hit slot machine posts, with great information about the series as a whole and individual games.

When to Max Bet: Quick Hit Machines

Let’s start with some broader topics. Quick Hit games are a classic example of when a player should optimally max bet for best payouts, because the progressives are traditionally only available to those max betting. And with a wide variety of these games on the casino floor, usually it’s easy to find one that’s within most players’ betting ranges.

Click here to learn more about max betting on Quick Hit machines.

What Happens if You Don’t Max Bet on Quick Hit?

So you know that max betting is the optimal play on a Quick Hit machine. So what happens if you don’t max bet? You primarily give up the progressives. Could that be the right play? Your bankroll will be the best answer to that question.

Learn more about what happens when you don’t max bet on Quick Hit machines.

Quick Hit Mechanical 5-Reel: A Classic, Fun Slot Machine

Quick Hit mechanical 5-reel with 3x 7 Quick Hit progressive

The classic, original 5-reel mechanical Quick Hit machines have had an enduring run on casino floors, in part because they offer a lot of action for a $1.50 max bet (in most cases). The originals are beginning to disappear from casino floors now but many are still hanging on.

Click here to learn more about the classic Quick Hit Mechanical 5-Reel machine.

Slot Vocabulary: Reel Strips

Quick Hit Wild Blue reel strips

In this post I define what a reel strip is, but Quick Hit players may find the view of full, mechanical reel Quick Hit reel strips as an interesting side trek in this post. You can see how the symbols are distributed across the five reels, making 5 of a kinds less likely due to how symbols are held back on specific reels.

Learn more about reel strips and Quick Hit.

Quick Hit Blitz: 2 Ways to Progressives at Max Bet

Quick Hit Blitz by Scientific Games

Quick Hit Blitz breaks from tradition in some ways by having a bonus round that’s all about the progressives, along with the standard ability to win progressives during the base game. There are more progressives on this version as well, and the ability to get more than 9 Quick Hit symbols accordingly.

Click here to learn more about Quick Hit Blitz.

Quick Hit Volcano/Jungle: Modern Take, Classic Game

Quick Hit Jungle by Bally 5 Quick Hit symbols

Quick Hit Volcano and Jungle are a modern, video take on the 5-reel Quick Hit format, and in many ways are quite alike to their older mechanical reel counterparts. In many places you can find it with the same $1.50 max bet as well. The bonuses differ but both have a picking mechanic, just like the earlier games as well.

Click here to learn more about Quick Hit Jungle and Volcano.

Quick Hit Riches: Bonus Multipliers Drive Big Wins

Quick Hit Riches by Bally hero

Quick Hit Riches has a bonus with a Rising X multiplier that can make for a more volatile ride than some other Quick Hit machines, but the potential is definitely there.

Click here to learn more about Quick Hit Riches.

Quick Hit Platinum: Classic Mechanic, Extra Progressive

Quick Hit Platinum by Bally top jackpot

Quick Hit Platinum is a game that has been around awhile, and is getting revived on new machines. At the local where I played it the game was identical in max bet and structure, although some of the progressives were frozen.

Click here to learn more about Quick Hit Platinum.

Mechanical 5-Reel Quick Hit Revived on New Machines

Quick Hit Black Gold Wild by Scientific Games progressives

I recently played on new iterations of Quick Hit 5-reel mechanical machines at one of my locals. There was some tweaked to raise the max bet, but it’s the same game structurally.

Click here to learn about the new iteration.

Who is Responsible When a Slot’s Progressives are Fixed?

Quick hit fixed progressive jackpots

Finally, while not specific to Quick Hit machines, you’ll find in some casinos, particularly ones owned by larger groups like Mlife or Caesars, certain progressives are fixed in place, rather than increasing. This article explains who is responsible for this, and why they do it.

Click here to learn more about fixed progressives and who’s responsible.

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