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Treasure Box Dynasty: More Keys to the Bonus Round

Treasure Box Dynasty by IGT top box
Written by Joshua

Game: Treasure Box Dynasty
Manufacturer: IGT
Advantage Play Potential: Medium
What Makes it Special: Credit prizes are collected whenever they appear. Land enough credit prizes to equal or exceed the bonus meter requirement to trigger a respin feature with credit prizes, progressives and more.

As one of its link-like games, the Treasure Box series offers a hold and respin capability that is enhanced by the ability to trigger it for less than 6 numbers when collecting keys. That key collection, a bonus meter that remains persistent on the slot over time, builds equity as it goes down, and is why we’re discussing it today.

There’s a sister game, Treasure Box Kingdom, that I’ve written up here previously.

Understanding the Game

Treasure Box Dynasty by IGT bet panel

Like its sister game, it features 50 credit bet increments in an all ways pays format of 243 ways to win on the 5×3 reel set. This initiates some volatility, and interestingly like my session on Treasure Box Kingdom I had a rough start on the game before it began to pay. There’s a lot of symbols on the reels too, more than a dozen in all.

Mystery symbols and mystery stacked symbols exist on every spin.Stacked symbols can differ by reel, and the other mystery symbols added in means this can be a tough game, but the pays back up when you do make things line up. Add more points to the volatility card.

Wilds appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 and in one of the mystery symbol scenarios can be added, improving the chances of a win when they are selected.

Collect enough coins to meet what the game requires for a bonus, and you’ll win the respin bonus.

Treasure Box Dynasty by IGT key collected

The thing that’s unique to this game is while you start out needing 6, like other link-type games, that number can be reduced over time by collecting keys. Each time you collect a key, the number of coins needed to trigger a respin bonus decreases by one.

Those bonus meters are persistent, meaning they stay put, linked to a given bet level, if you change bets or cash out and someone else takes over. The bet panel helpfully shares where the game sits on each bet level.

You then trigger the bonus by collecting the minimum number of coins required in a spin or more, or the meter reaches 0, triggering the bonus automatically.

Respin Bonus

Treasure Box Dynasty by IGT respin bonus triggered

This is a complicated bonus, but can get exciting quickly. The bonus starts by displaying a Treasure Box on reel 8 (the centermost reel of the bonus, as all 15 reel spaces becomes its own reel for the bonus’s duration).

If you collected coins to trigger the bonus, all get added into the Treasure Box and it’s converted to a coin valued at what they collected to be. If it triggered by reaching 0 coins needed, the box turns into a single coin valued in the normal range.

You start with three spins to collect more, just like other standard link games. Landing a symbol resets the counter, but another big difference is there’s a variety of things that can land:

Treasure Box Dynasty by IGT respin bonus in progress
  • Another Coin: That coin will lock and ultimately be awarded at the bonus’s conclusion.
  • Gems: Collecting enough of various colored gems will award various progressives:
    • 1 Mini Jackpot Gem (flat jackpot that shifts based on bet)
    • 2 Minor Jackpot Gems
    • 3 Major Jackpot Gems
    • 5 Mega Jackpot Gems
  • +1 Spin: This can be landed up to two times, and each time it resets the Respin meter and increases it by 1, first to 4 and then to 5 if it lands again.
  • X Symbol: This will transform into a multiplier somewhere between 2x and 5x, and multiply all coins on the board by that multiplier. This can also happen up to two times during the Respin bonus.
  • Treasure Box: Like at the beginning of the bonus, all coins on the board are collected into the Treasure Box and then converted into a coin worth that amount. In this way more spaces are opened up to land more of the above options.

As always, once the counter for respins reaches zero, the bonus concludes with a count-up of whatever coins and jackpots you’ve won.

The Major jackpot will shift base on bet level. The machine I played puts in $250 per line multiplier, plus the progressive amount incremented. So on a 1x line bet it starts at $250, and on a 10x it starts at $2500. Each of those then gets added to it the progressive increment.

Higher wagers increase the chances of winning a higher progressive, as normal. Respin bonus reels factor in bet levels, number of locked reels to start the bonus and the bonus meter number at the time of the trigger.

The bonus meter on the bet level you triggered it will reset to 6 coins required upon completion of the bonus. Each progressive can only be won once per bonus; the flat Mini jackpot can be won multiple times in a bonus.

Free Games

Treasure Box Dynasty by IGT 4 bonus trigger

Three or more bonus symbols trigger the bonus, with more games awarded for more symbols:

  • 3 Symbols: 10 free games
  • 4 Symbols: 15 free games
  • 5 Symbols: 20 free games
Treasure Box Dynasty by IGT 15 free spins

Retriggers are possible, and award the same number of spins as seen above, based on how many symbols you get on the retrigger.

You are guaranteed a win every spin, which helps – I got a solid 50x bonus out of the one triggered above, so the bonus definitely has some potential.

Bonus reels are in use, and the number of mystery symbols are reduced, focused on the higher paying ones. This can help increase the chances for line hits in the bonus.

Coins that land in the free games are collected, but at 3x value. Coins are therefore have a value in the range of 30 to 2,250 credits times the line bet.

The bonus meter from the base games carries into the Free Games, and at the conclusion of the Free Games back into the base games. The respin feature can therefore be triggered in the bonus. The Free Games resume where you left off after the respin feature.

Understanding the Advantage

Treasure Box Dynasty by IGT bonus meter and progressives

It’s that bonus meter with the key collection – the closer you are to zero, the better your chances of triggering the respin feature by either reaching 0 symbols needed, or just getting more symbols than you need.

When you find this game in a multi-denomination format, there’s multiple bet levels of potential opportunities to find the meter in a potentially good location.

Watch and Learn

The Slot Cats played the Dynasty version in a recent video, which can be seen below:

SLOTaholic played the Dynasty version as part of his 100 Spins series:

KURI Slot played it as part of the 50 Friday series:

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